Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Place To Call Home + Update

Back when Jason was at Walter Reed, there was a certain thought that kept circulating in my head: where are we going to live once he's discharged? Before Jason deployed we had just moved into a rental home that we loved in a city that we loved even more. The house was perfect for us at the time, but it was two levels and all bathrooms and bedrooms were up a flight of stairs. After Jason was hurt, I knew we couldn't come back and it broke our hearts.

Stairs are not the only enemy of wheelchair users. Things like narrow doorways and hallways, reaching across stovetops, and unaccessible bathrooms are just a few of the many things that make finding an accessible home so difficult. Even in the house we are temporarily in now (while we are so thankful and grateful to live in) has many problems that still make me uncomfortable leaving Jason alone. And although we have made adjustments where we can, this is not a house we own and there is only so much we can do to a place that is temporary.

In my last post, I wrote briefly that we were waiting for the official acceptance into Homes For Our Troops, the organization that would be gifting us an accessible home. And I'm writing now to say we have been officially accepted. In the next year to year and a half we will have a home that we can call ours, one that Jason can live in completely independently. And while I'll always worry a little when he's alone, I'll be able to breathe a lot better knowing that he can access everything in the house that he needs.

The organization, Homes For Our Troops, has built over 100 homes since 2004 for wounded veterans. These homes are spectacular and well thought out for the life of the veteran. Not only is the charity a blessing, but the people behind it are some of the most incredible and caring people we've met. Soon our information and story will be on their website, but in the meantime please check them out, read the stories of the other veterans they have helped and consider donating. We plan on fundraising as well and will keep everyone informed. A huge, never ending thank you to Homes For Our Troops for giving us a place to call home.

October has been not too busy for Jason and me, which has been refreshing. Jason's handcycle arrived about a week before the Detroit Marathon, which Jason completed in 2 hours and 12 minutes. Not bad for someone who didn't get the bike the whole summer! And check out the impressive beard.

We also got the chance to go back to California for a few days to support another great organization, The Carrington Foundation. They held a golf tournament that also benefitted Tunnels to Towers, The Gary Sinese Foundation, and Veterans Airlift Command. We saw some old friends, met some new ones, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather before coming back to the Ohio cold.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow our story and pray for us!

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