Thursday, September 12, 2013

Overdue Update

It has been waaay too long since my last update and again I find myself apologising for the lack of updates. A lot has happened, so lets get to it!

Since the last update we've done a bit of traveling. We went to Washington for my best friend's wedding. Right after that we went to Mexico for a family vacation. This was our first international travel adventure and it wasn't as scary as we thought it would be (although it still was a little). We spent the week laying by the pool, getting a tan, and seeing beautiful sunsets like the one in the picture above.

At the very end of July we packed up our belongings, dog, and cat, and headed out to Ohio. It was extremely sad to leave San Diego. We've come to love the weather, the ocean (we had just learned how to surf before we left), and the people who had been taking care of Jason at Balboa Naval Medical Center. But we are now settled in Ohio and getting used to life in the midwest. I love Fall and cannot wait to have cooler weather again.

September 3rd marked Jason's official retirement date. Since he's been on terminal leave since June it doesn't feel much different, only now we have the VA to deal with but because he doesn't need medical care routinely we won't need their assistance with much for now.

A week ago we went to Boston to a conference for Homes For Our Troops. This wonderful organization builds homes for severely injured vets at no cost. These homes are custom made for disablement and we are awaiting our confirmation that we'll be getting a home. Usually it takes anywhere from one to two years to get a home built. We'll keep everyone updated as we go along in the process.

Mainly we have been trying to establish what a normal life means for us now. Jason is waiting on going back to school until we have our house built because we don't want to settle down in the area we are in now. He may get started on some internships or some online courses, but of course this is all up to him and in his own time. The reason for the lack of updates is also because, well, our life is pretty boring! There are only a few things coming up that are exciting, like Jason hopefully participating in the Detriot Marathon (I saw hopefully because we're still waiting on his bike to come).

My goal is to give an update once a month or every two months. There hasn't been much to update, but I hope everyone sees that as a good thing. As always, we have appreciated every single prayer that you have made for us. People are still surprised to see Jason doing so well after 16 months post injury, but those who know the Lord know that we shouldn't be surprised. We continue to seek Him everyday, in every big decision we make. And He has never led us astray. Thank you everyone for your continued support and love. Until next time!