Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Jason Update

First I have to apologise for the lack of posts on both mine and Jason's blog. I'm afraid Jason isn't into writing anymore and I've been consumed by school. However, I have lots of ideas for new posts and I'll be taking over updating everyone on how Jason is doing and when he feels like it he will update his blog. Again, we are very sorry to have been lacking in the posts.

Can I just say that we both feel so incredibly blessed beyond what we could imagine by the opportunity's we have had this year? So much has happened this year and it's only March! Let me get everyone up to speed on what we have been doing pretty much every week this year.

1) The Ball


It was such a privilege to be able to attend the military home coming ball for Jason's unit. The experience was not only a blast but so healing for Jason to be able to see his guys, his friends. The ball itself was almost too much fun (as these events can be) but I even got Jason out on the dance floor!

2)Ski Trip to Park City
Another opportunity we got was to go away to Park City, UT with other wounded warriors for a ski trip that also included dog sledding, biathalon training, hot springs, bowling, wall climbing, and lots more! Jason spent three days bi-skiing (which you can see in the picture above) and he went all OVER the mountain, even getting up to intermediate runs. He had a blast and a boost to his confidence. There's nothing he can't do! We also met some wonderful people who have served this country and we left with more friendships than we had in the beginning.
 3) Key to the City of Coronado

Jason was nominated by people at the hospital to be one of three wounded warriors to receive the key to the city of Coronado. It also included a weekend stay at the historic Hotel Del Coronado and other cool things, like a dinner and a police ride along. Here is an article about the weekend that also has a bit about Jason in it

4) Segs4Vets

Jason had applied for a special seated Segway from the nonprofit organization Segs4Vets. A few weeks ago he received his Segway after two days of training with a ceremony on the aircraft carrier the USS Midway. The Segway is awesome in that it is pretty much all-terrain and we have taken it on a couple of trips such as Coronado and Seaworld.
5) LA Marathon
On St Patricks Day Jason biked the LA Marathon in 2.06 hours. At about mile 8, his brakes failed while going downhill causing him road rash on his arm. However, Jason kept going using his parking brake to slow down and did so well considering. Before the marathon the most he had biked was 10 miles and had been out only three times, so we are so proud of him for this accomplishment! He is planning a couple more marathons this year.
Well that about does it for the updates on what we've done! Medically, Jason has been doing really great. He is walking more and more every week, and last week he walked 300 feet! His goal for this upcoming week is 600 feet, so we will keep you posted on how he does! We are waiting for his new legs called RGOs. They have a different way of manipulation that will make it so he will expend less energy when he walks. It'll be a couple more months before he gets those.
We thank everyone for the continued prayers and support. It'll be one year since his accident in a few months and I'll have a special request for everyone when the time comes. Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with us, and stay tuned for more posts!

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  1. We are thrilled to hear how well you all are doing. Thanks for taking time to share updates. We continue to pray for your well-being. God bless....Denise PMM to Sgt. Gabriel & PAM to Spc. Rebecca